PSP (AIO) Releases V1

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This package includes most of the Emulator all-in-one package. The following includes: Atari 2600 with 526 games, Atari 5200, Atari 7800 with 67 games, Gameboy Advance with 112 games, Gameboy Color, Neo Geo (King of Fighter 2002, Street Fighter vs King of Fighter, Blade of Warriors), Nintendo with 726 games, Nintendo 64, Sega CD with 51 games, Sega Game Gear with 700 games, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo with 726 games, Turbo Grafix 16 with 104 games, and MAME. Their is a DS Emulator inside but its worthless don't even take your time putting it on. Homebrews that come in this package includes: DOOM with Counter Strike, Google Map, Halo, Light Mp3, Mario War, PSPlayerMT, Zombie Crisis. I did not test these all any of these emulators or homebrews for the Phat PSP. Though Phat PSP user will include a Pokedex, Sony Universal Remote, and SuperSmash Bro. Lite/Slim PSP user will include a eLoader to use older homebrew. Both will need 3.90 m33 or higher to run the iRShell 3.90x. Have any questions please contact me at my comment site on my amv (go to link click the amv affiliate look at comment on the navigation) or email me at

Package (AIO) V2 will be release some later.

File Type: .RAR / Split (Use FFSJ to Join Files)
File Size: ~1.88GB / 644MB a File
Uploaded and Made by KiraxYamato
Password: kingkira

Download Part 1
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ImToo PSP Converter 3.1

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ImTOO PSP Video Converter is a powerful MP4 video converter which can convert all popular video to PSP video MP4, such as MPEG to MP4, AVI to MP4. It supports converting video formats including DVD, VCD, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, 3GP, animated GIF, RM, ASF to PSP video, and audio formats like WMA, OGG, AAC, M4A, WAV, AC3 to MP3.
The primary function of the PSP Video Converter is to convert video file to MP4 and MP3 which can be played in SONY PSP.

File Type: RAR / Program
File Size: ~6 MB
Download Link

[KMovie] A Millionaire First Love

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Kang Jae-kyung is your typical spoiled rich kid; he’s arrogant, drives sporty cars, attends the big clubs, rides through school corridors on his motorcycle and - wait, that’s not typical at all is it? As his 18th birthday approaches he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, but that comes with a price. Jae-kyung is going to have to earn his fortune. His grandfather lays down an ultimatum; Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwondo and graduate. Until then all access to his penthouse, cottage and credit cards is denied. Should he fail to graduate or drop out then he loses everything. With little choice he heads out to the countryside and a small town in which daily life is far removed from what he’s used to. For more information please visit Wikipedia.File Type: RAR / AVI

File Type: Korean Audio / English Subbed
File Size: ~628 MV

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Halo Multiplayer Only

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a first-person shooter (FPS) video game developed by Bungie Studios. The first game of the Halo series, it was released on November 15, 2001 as a launch title for the Xbox gaming system,[1] and is considered the platform's "killer app."[6] With more than five million copies sold worldwide as of November 9, 2005,[7] Microsoft released versions of the game for Microsoft Windows (developed by Gearbox Software) and Mac OS X in 2003, and the surrounding storyline was adapted and elaborated into a series of novels. The game was later released as an Xbox Original for download onto an Xbox 360 HDD. For more information please visit Wikipedia

File Type: Exe / Rar
File Size: 87 MB Compress / Extract ~458MB
Halo Multiplayer Only (Online)
Download Here

Peter Russell Outsourced

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Russell Peters: Outsourced is a stage act dedicated to the memory of Peters' father. It showed lots of new material to his viewers. Topics ranged from different types of Asians, the English accent, terrorists, racists, Africans and his own adventures with the Chinese in KFC, Beijing. But the show remained typical of his style. Two of his most popular catchphrases are "be a man", "somebody gonna get a hurt real bad". During the encore for the show, before doing the famous line, he mentions that he would be retiring that joke/line after that show. He has also acted in the film Quarter Life Crisis.

File Type: AVI / English
File Size: ~440 MB
Duration: 80 Minutes
Genres: Comedy

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[JMovie] Koizora

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Audio - Japanese
Subtitle - Hardsubbed
Year - 2007
Genre - Drama, Romance
Runtime: 129 Minutes
Yui Aragaki
Haruma Miura


Wide-eyed girl-next door Mika falls head over heels into first love when she meets bleached-hair delinquent Hiro. But love forces them to grow up too early as they face grave trials and tragedies together.

File Type: Avi / English Subbed
File Type: Harded Subbed / .001 Split/Joined
File Size: ~700MB
Duration: 129 Minutes

CD 1 Part 01 Download
CD 1 Part 02 Download
CD 1 Part 03 Download
CD 1 Part 04 Download

CD 2 Part 01 Download
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CD 2 Part 03 Download
CD 2 Part 04 Download

[JK Movie] Virgin Snow

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Min, a Korean boy, moves to Japan with his father who is a professor. One day at a local shrine, he meets Nanae, a beautiful Japanese girl with stunning eyes who is aspiring to be a painter. Min falls in love at first sight and finds out that Nanae attends the school to which he has just transferred.
Their friendship develops fast despite their cultural and language difference. Yet when Min's grandmother suddenly falls ill, Min hastily returns to Korea without having the time to explain Nanae the situation. After his grandmother regains her health, Min hurries back to Japan but Nane is nowhere to be found. Had his true feelings for Nanae not been apparent to her? Why has Nanae disappeared without a word?

File Type: Dvdrip / English Subbed
File Type: Mkv / .001 Split/Join
File Size: ~418 MB
Duration: 140 minutes

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Subtitle Included

[JMove] Machine Girl

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Ami (Minase Yashiro, in her film debut) is a tough but otherwise average high school girl, trying to lead a normal life. Her world comes crashing down when her brother and his friend are killed by ruthless bullies. As Ami tracks down the ringleader, she is surprised to discover the bullies' association with a sinister ninja yakuza family. When she goes after her revenge, she soon finds herself in over her head and minus her left arm. Barely surviving, Ami escapes and seeks out shelter from two kindly garage mechanics. They take pity on her, fitting her with a high-powered machine gun where her arm used to be. She then teams up with the chainsaw-wielding mother (Asami) of her brother's slain friend and together they unleash an unholy, non-stop, over-the-top killfest against the equally creative machinery (drill bra, flying guillotine) of their relentless ninja enemies.

File Type: Dvdrip / English Subbed
File Size: ~1.3 GB
Genres: Horror, Action REALLY BLOODY!
Duration: ~98 Minutes

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