Cyborg She

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Jiro (Keisuke Koide) has no one to celebrate his birthday with. He is a lonely guy living a lonely life. On his twentieth birthday, he goes to a department store to buy himself a present. There he runs into a cute girl in a tattered bodysuit that looks like it has been burned in a fire. “She” changes into a dress in the store, and storms out of the place without even paying. “She” later appears at a restaurant where Jiro is eating. “It’s my birthday as well.” Jiro ends up spending time with this girl on his birthday. Because she is so unpredictable and wild, they end up not paying their bill, and Jiro is chased and then roughed up by the police. Jiro has never had such an exciting night before. He is in awe of her, and strongly attracted to her, but then she says something strange and disappears. To Jiro, today has become the most memorable and brilliant day of his life.

From the director of My Sassy Girl, Windstruck, and The Classic!
Format: AVI / English Subbed
Size: ~1GB
RunTime: 2 hrs 2 mins
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