Samurai X : Trust & Betrayal

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Taken by slavers when he was a child, Himura Kenshin is rescued only when an encounter with bandits kills off everyone but him. He is found by a master of the Divine Justice School of Swordmanship, a school so deadly that to train in it, means death for either the master or student, there can only be one master. Taken by the master, Kenshin is trained in this school, only to leave before finishing so that he may join the Meiji restoration and help prevent further tragedies like his own. Thus is born the Battousai, the greatest strength of the Ishin Patriots, a boy of 15 who kills for the sake of building a new, better world. One night, he comes across a mysterious woman, Tomoe. He must hide with her when the revolution stumbles. They marry for appearances, but soon fall in love. Tomoe has another reason to be with Kenshin, one she regrets but cannot stop. Revenge must be satisfied, and only blood can do that.

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Blood The Last Vampire

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Saya is a 400-year-old half-human half-vampire who hunts other vampires. Raised by a man named Kato, she works loosely with an organization known as "The Council" while seeking out Onigen, the highest ranking and strongest of vampires. Seeking clues about Onigen, Saya transfers to a school near the Yakota Air Base. Normally a loner, Saya forms a friendship with a young girl named Alice that she rescues from some vampires.

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Isaac Shepard - Deep Joy 2008

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Deep Joy is a collection of soothing solo piano tracks. Peaceful and serene, these original compositions by Isaac Shepard will help you remember the simple joys in life. Full of emotion and imagination, these modern piano melodies set the perfect mood for reflection and relaxation.

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