Planzet [Movie]

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In the year 2047, an alien lifeform codenamed FOS invades Earth and smashes through the world's major cities in one wave. The earth unites to fight back and puts up a Diffuser in place to stop further invasions 3 years after. Now in 2053, a plan is made for a last counterattack that must disable the Diffuser for an offensive...and Akeshima Taishi, who lost his father to the FOS when they first invaded, may finally get his revenge.

Anime: Planzet
File Type: MKV
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English
File Size : ~750MB
Production: Japan
Genre: adventure, adventure, fantasy, romance
Premiere: 2010-05-22


Name. KiraxYamato
Age. 18
Town. Orb / PLANT
Gundam. Strike Freedom
Like. Lacus Clyne
Hate. War
Background. 1st Generation Coordinator
Status. Ace Pilot Coordinator / Ultimate Coordinator