Ultimate Avenger 2: Rise of the Panther

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As Wakanda's young prince T'Challa returns from the outside world, he learns his kingdom has fallen under attack by the Chitauri, led by Herr Kleiser, the alien shapeshifter who supposedly died in 1945. After his father is murdered by Kleiser, T'Challa assumes his rightful position as King and as the Black Panther, protector of Wakanda. He seeks the aid of Captain America, Kleiser's old enemy, but a sullen and bitter Captain America is too busy trying to keep his mind off his own problems by fighting. Nevertheless, General Fury orders the Avengers to assemble. All but Thor, who is currently out of touch, and the Hulk, imprisoned after his actions during the last Chitauri invasion, travel to Wakanda on an intelligence mission.

After speaking to Black Panther, Captain America learns why the Chitauri are invading: they seek the Heart of Wakanda, a mountain of unrefined Vibranium that landed as a meteorite and has been used to produce their weapons. The Wakandans have also used a crashed Chitauri ship to help defend their home.

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