High To The Star - Chapter 1

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I have this thing, this emotion inside me bottled forever and literally sometime I just want to emptied it out. I want to scream and shout saying why? A lot and I mean a lot of people want to go back in time and reverse what they have done, what they regret to do.

In my freshman year around mid-march their was this girl name Nikki who been transfered to my school from Kelloggville. (Back then I was bolded and talked to girls who I liked but now (Junior) its a different story.) Few stuff I can only remembered was when we had a exam on a particular day and I was already finish. I looked back at her thinking hmmm how should I make her smile? I took out a aluminum foils from a pack of Juicy Fruits, folded it and put it on my teethes like grills. I turn around and smile at her and she started to laugh. I tried to get close and closer to her as I possibly can at any cost. Then I also ound out my friend Peter liked her too.

Who is Peter? Peter been with me throughout elementary. I invited him to my birthday party and he invited me to his. We were really goods friends back then, good times. We just started talking a lot more in freshman year then usual. BEFORE I met Nikki, Peter introduce me too this girl name Alisa. Alisa was elegant and a super sweet girl but that was my first expression on her. I really dont remember how we got each other phone number...maybe myspace? xanga? but I totally forgot. I was invited to Alisa's birthday party and I got really excited. I went shopping with my sister and bought a gift pack of Victoria Secret perfume for Alisa's birthday present. That night of her birthday party I wanted to ACT REALLY COOL. Dressing up all gangster with badana and popping in her house like some ghetto kid. first time I met her my expression was like oh this girl is pretty cute. We started eating first at her party and went to her basement and started to dance. As Usual I tried to ACT REALLY COOL and told her I can do the heel toe. I showed her and TOTALLY BOMBED She did it WAY better than me. Some guy name Drake pulled her out of the house without me knowing because I was playing with her brother, he was stealing my hats. I heard the news so I rushed out and by that time Drake had already left. One of the girl asked Alisa if she liked Drake I glance back and she said "No, I already have someone in my mind" and she looked at me.

On that night though their is something I will never forget. Alisa taught me how slow dance. Ray J - One Wish was playing and I danced with her throughout the whole song forgetting everything like I was taking ecstasy. she hugged me and asked me "Do you like me?" and I was shocked what she said to me...but I responded back and said...